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White Walls Do Not Have To Be Boring!

Consider These 3 Easy Designer Tips!


“Help!  We painted our living room the same “white” as our friend’s home and theirs looks chic yet inviting….ours looks cold and bare!”-JA The conversation went on to include the opinion that the new white wall color was boring.  Join us today as we share three design tips to create white interiors that are anything but boring!

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Before & After – The Power Of The Right White Paint

IMG_1179.jpgEver heard someone say “it’s just paint”?  We confess, we have been guilty of sometimes uttering those words when we are urging a client to use a color that is off trend.  So when we have a client who is eager to consider a new decor suggestion, we are thrilled!  Join us today, for another Wednesday Wow! and see the power of “just” paint.


We are over the moon at how the unique patterns in this counter stone are now complimented with the fresh, yet warm, new white cabinet color.  Go back and look at the before photo.  Same stone, same accessories in this bar.  All that has changed is the “right” white paint.

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Can The Colors of October Inspire A White Interior?

The Sunday Spy 10.14.18


We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Designs that are a little different from the norm, like this one shared by Veranda.  At first glance we see a soothing, neutral spa-like bedroom.  Looking closer, we appreciate the details that make this space linger in our minds a bit longer than just our first pass!

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How Does A Designer Nail A Paint Color Every Time? How can you?


0493FD12-0349-45BB-9333-B553CA7ABAE5It’s so easy to look at a photo in a magazine, on Pinterest or Instagram and identify with the decor of a particular room.  To see ourselves living in the very space, especially like the one above that are so lovely with layers of a creamy white and off white color palette.  We like it, even love it, and want to recreate the look in our own homes.  How do rooms like these evolve?  How do we choose just the right paints to use the first time around? It can be so simple…

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The Great Danes



Danish Design Bar Cart, Succulents, White Washed Floor

How many times do we hear, “There are just not enough hours in a day!”  Who isn’t  busy?  It’s the way life is and most of us don’t want it any other way.  However, we do want our homes to offer the calming, soothing sanctuaries we need to recharge.  Let’s take a few clues from some Great Danes …they know how to do this!

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