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Why Blog…Now?

Laurel Bledsoe and Kristen Britt, the design team of Laurel Bledsoe Design LLC, are nearly 30 years apart in age. For us, this age difference is refreshing, inspiring and has spawned the idea of the joint ….Blog Little Black “domicile”! Just as a Little Black Dress (LBD) is often the simply perfect choice in many wardrobes (Gents, if you are reading, you can sub your perfect outfit), our philosophy is good design should simply make your domicile perfect for “you”. This blog is intended to give an over 50 and under 50 view on topics we see trending, as well as classics in design.  Our goal is to keep this simple.  We will  be posting on various topics of interest to us, our clients, as we are inspired to do so.  Please see the categories section for an archive of postings.   We welcome your thoughts on future topics and comments on individual posts.

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